Some Thoughts on Photojournalism

Having read David LaBelle’s “The Great Picture Hunt,”

I’ve tried to learn to take good pictures many times in my life. As a staff writer for a small paper, I would occasionally end up with the chance to add a photo to the story, and I tried to do the best I could with no training whatsoever. They weren’t awful, and one ended up as a finalist for an award, but only after some pretty heavy Photoshop fixing-up and a lot of assistance from the full-time photo editors. I did once have a brief career as a visual artist, non-photography division, though, and LaBelle speaks to me about visual storytelling – the simplicity, the emotion, the connection – in a way I understand and appreciate.

His list of good traits for a photo seems obvious on one hand – humor, personality, composition, interaction – but on those times I’ve tried to take a picture, I see how hard they are to capture if you lose focus or allow yourself to be sidetracked.


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