Month: April 2010

White Space

I’ve never done any website design, but I have laid out some pages for magazines and newspapers, and I know how important white space is, especially when what’s not white space is something really dramatic or cool. My favorite colors to play with are black, white and red – the colors of propaganda – and I tend to like black-on-white or white-on-black with some really striking red sticking out every now and then, when it’s possible, of course.

What I haven’t really learned yet is what might be the most common-sense part of this – when to use what. Black text on a white background makes me think of a Word document, and it can look really plain and tacky, but white text on a black background can seem unnecessarily heavy. Nonetheless, the latter’s what I tend to favor when I’m making things. I’d like to learn more about the emotional charge behind color composition, so I’d understand a little more about design, one of my favorite things.