Month: May 2010

Great religious writing from the New Yorker

Searching for Jesus in the Gospels.

Great piece on reconciling (or inability to reconcile) the Christian understanding of Christ with the historical Jesus, using the book of Mark and recent publications as a backdrop. As the son of a preacher, I’m not necessarily the first to be vocal with my beliefs. This article comes close to describing the kind of theological detective work I’m used to in terms of creating a “composite” of Jesus.


In Russia, news stories scoop you

What Russian journalists go through. Kinda puts our complaints about tough job markets in a new light.

“In retrospect, the violence was an omen, beginning a wave of unsolved attacks and official harassment against journalists, human rights activists and opposition politicians around the region, which includes the Moscow suburbs, but not the city itself. Rarely, if ever, is anyone held responsible.”

In America, journalists have had such power from the beginning that it’s tempting to see the role of the journalist in American society, with all the power and privilege that comes with it, as the norm. I suspect some of our entitlement in the US comes from the relative lack of harassment we’ve had to go through. Woodward and Bernstein were wiretapped, but even they admitted they were never in any serious danger – and they took down a president.