Fake meat: should I or shouldn’t I?

This is kind of amazing. Go Missouri!

I run into this debate every couple weeks at the grocery store when I try and decide whether a little faux-beef or faux-sausage would add a nice touch to my morning’s omelette. As a vegetarian, I try and honor that word and eat primarily vegetables – well, at least fresh produce, whole grains, and dairy – and not processed food. That doesn’t always work, especially this summer as I lived heavily off processed corn (I developed a Diet Coke habit to assist me with kicking my smoking habit), but it’s still something I hope for myself – sort of a long-term goal: no processed food by 2015!

What it really comes down to, probably, is that the texture, heaviness and flavoring of fake meat makes vegetarians like me who like hearty foods able to get that satisfaction without turning to meat. The flavoring is really amazing. Really, really detailed, especially with something like Morning Star sausage.


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