Working with Newsy: Four quick shifts

I don’t think I’ve ever produced a script at the pace I pulled off while working at They have an interesting method of dissemination that I don’t quite understand yet (googling around reveals that my work has turned up in some weird places, like this website), but I liked their newsroom environment and my freedom in choice for stories.

True to Newsy form, I suppose, I found my story ideas through blogs and online news. I wrote my first Newsy script on my second shift there (after spending a shift shadowing a student in the Newsy class) and while I felt good about the story probing an incident a bit more specific and off-beat (while still connected to the national issue of illegal immigration / Arizona)  the only way I could judge the appeal was in blog posts (the aforementioned googling) and comments. Because the issues that tend to interest me are international news (specifically Japanese, Korean and Russian news, although I didn’t get to cover anything interesting there during my time at Newsy, and news from the British Isles, which I did get to tackle, happily, with Cameron’s apology over the nearly 30-year-old Bloody Sunday massacre), and American stories dealing with controversial issues like immigration, racism, and the culture war, I did manage to generate a lot of comments. Way for me to pick divisive, substantial topics and not “Is Lady Gaga causing eye damage?” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Although I could have done without knowing I inspired the last comment on my Bloody Sunday story’s Youtube page.*

*Not that I don’t agree with the poster in sentiment. I just think he takes it a bit too far.

And of course it’s hard to find an issue more divisive than anything involving Israel and Palestine, a category this script fell into. Complete with a video of a furious Turkish foreign minister railing against Israel, I expected it to generate more controversy than it did.


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