Working with KBIA

Over the course of the summer, I’ve become particularly interested in communicating with an NPR audience and working in the parameters of an NPR format. It’s the funnest way to tell a story I’ve found. I like the idea of expanding those storytelling tools, to include photos and video and text to reach NPR audiences in a variety of ways. I think the traditional medium of radio is ripe for exploration in what we consider convergence.

I produced three stories over the course of my newsroom shifts at KBIA, each one directed toward (to the best I could manage) a public radio audience. None of the three stories have been aired yet. My first was a story on the Columbia percent for art program, paying to bring two mid-Missouri artists’ work to city hall. This was my first KBIA story, and took me the longest to put together (about a full day.) Of the three, I think it was the least journalistically successful – a lot of reporting went into what turned out to be a relatively short and simple piece. Much more successful, I think, was my Food Not Bombs story, in which I played with natural sound and interview clips and built an unusual structure to tell the story. Unlike some of my early group attempts in Reporting, I think the experiment succeeded with Food Not Bombs – at least, more than it did with, say, the Free Market story with Kelly Hagen.

These stories are the first of what I hope will be a lot of KBIA work I do this year. This fall, I’m hoping to combine pieces like these with some convergence-style storytelling techniques, and see what kind of a reaction I can get by helping KBIA branch into even more new media.


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